Cycling News
July 26, 2017
The County of Haliburton is presently conducting a corridor study on County Road 21. The study area is from County Road 1 (Gelert Road) to Peninsula Drive. They have engaged the consulting firm AECOM to do the study and have posted some possible improvements, which include some designs that will be big improvements for walking and cycling. The information boards that show the design ideas are posted here

The public is invited to take a look and send in comments. You can send comments online from the webpage, or directly by email to Craig Douglas, Director of Public Works and/or Vanessa Skelton, the project manager This is a great opportunity to let the county know that it's important to include cycling and active transportation in roads planning.

Comments can be sent until August 4.
July 4, 2017 - Road work updates for the Haliburton Highlands - be aware that these roads will be under construction and plan your route accordingly.

County  Road 1 (Gelert Road) - work will include rehabilitation and hot mix paving from Pringle Road approximately 4.4 km easterly. This requires the current surface to be pulverized, so expect rough surface. Work scheduled to take place in July. Finished surface will include 1.0 m paved shoulders on both sides.

County Road 18 (Kashagawigamog Lake Road) - same treatment as above, about 1.5 km between CR 21 and CR 17. Work schedule to take place in July.

County Road 14 (Haliburton Lake Road) - single surface treatment from CR6 (Eagle Lake Road) to CR19 (Harburn Road). Asphalt emulsion and aggregate are applied over existing surface. Timeframe to be confirmed.

Rail Trail - Granite fines have been applied to the surface from Donald south approximately 3.5 km, making it greatly improved for cycling. A few other rough sections north of Donald also had some fines added.

April 28, 2017 - Some big news for cycling in Ontario!

First: As part of Ontario's 2017 budget, the province will be investing $50 million in commuter cycling infrastructure in 2017-18! This investment is being made as part of the Climate Change Action Plan and is a strong statement in support of building safe, accessible, vibrant and green communities.

Second: Provide your feedback! The Ministry of Transportation has been in the process of identifying a province-wide network of cycling routes in Ontario. From April 12, 2017, the public is invited to submit comments on the draft network, online through the Environmental Registry. We encourage you to review the map of the draft network, via the Environmental Registry (posting number 013-0190) and the Ministry of Transportation website at and provide your comments on the recommended routes by May 12. If you have any questions about this project you can contact the MTO at or by phone 1-844-637-6464.

July 6, 2016 - Opportunity to advocate for paved shoulders on Highway 118 in Haliburton County

The Ministry of Transportation has engaged consulting firm AECOM to do a design study and Class Environmental Assessment for rehabilitation of Highway 118 from Highway 35 (Carnarvon) to about 13 k east of Haliburton (total of just over 36 km). The Class EA process includes public consultation. This is an opportunity to advocate for this project to include paved shoulders – ideally 1.5 m wide, but at least 1.2m. Paved shoulders would benefit cyclists, and also provide safety benefits for motorists (e.g. reduce run-off-the-road collisions, provide safe space to make emergency manouevers or pull over).

The consultant is presently accepting public comment. Provide your input by sending an email to Al Rose, Senior Project Manager . Find the full letter here . Several years ago, it was through a similar EA process that paved shoulders got included on a County Road 21 project. Many voices can send a strong message